The Land of Lincoln Basketweavers is a Statewide organization formed to stimulate interest in the art of basket-weaving, to educate the general public on the historic value and heritage relating to basketry and to support and encourage our members to be quality basketweavers. Our goal is to spread the word of basket-weaving by gathering together women and men throughout the state for sharing, instructing and informing. Each year we sponsor a spring, summer and fall weaving event. Spring Fling is our two-day spring event , Starved Rock weaving day is held in June and Camp Tuck -a- Basket is our three-day weaving event held in September. Our newsletter “Weaving Times” is published four times a year and is packed full of basket-weaving news and tips for both seasoned or new weavers alike.  Although we are a statewide organization, we encourage people to gather to weave in their local areas. We publish a membership list to identify weavers in your vicinity.  Your knowledge and experience are what we have been looking for . Please join us and share your talents with us!