Land of Lincoln Basketweavers Association

Photo by: Alex Reed  


About Us


The Land of Lincoln Basketweavers Association was formed in 1988 with only 5 weavers, and has grown to over 250 members! Basketweaving is currently undergoing a renaissance which you can be a part of -- why don't you join us!


Mission Statement

Our Vision

"The Land of Lincoln Basketweavers is a statewide organization formed to stimulate interest in the art of basketweaving, to educate the general public on the historic value and heritage relating to basketry, and to support and encourage our members to be quality basketweavers. Our goal is to spread the word of basketweaving by gathering together women and men throughout the state for sharing, instructing and informing."

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If you have questions, comments, or need to contact us, send an email to the LLBWA webmaster.